KAMMARHEIT "The Starwheel" CD (12th Cycle)

KAMMARHEIT "The Starwheel" CD (12th Cycle)


Reissue of Kammarheit's long deleated second album wich has become a true classic in the Dark Ambient spheres. The Starwheel offers us an eloquent, more profound and highly personal album. The deeply serene drones and melancholic soundscapes are as always the main focus, but this time Pär Boström introduces an engulfing spiritual depth to his soundscapes. Here is a new glimpse of the world of Kammarheit, here's the second meditation.

2nd edition of 1000 copies in 4 panel Digipack, Remastered. 8 Tracks. Running time; 46:06

1st edition of 1000 copies in gatefold cardboard cd sleeve with Poster. 8 Tracks. Running time; 46:06 (Sold Out)

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