COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER “A Wound Of Body” CD/LP (121st Cycle)

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER “A Wound Of Body” CD/LP (121st Cycle)

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A Wound Of Body is the first chapter in Common Eider, King Eider’s Wound “duology”, forming the group’s most focused and fully realised work to date. Offering a sprawling, audial exploration of wounds at once physical and spiritual, social and societal, natural and environmental. “A Wound Of Body” is a beautifully stark soundscape, dolorously dense, suffocatingly oppressive and utterly claustrophobic. An immersive black hole of bleak, cavernous drone music and disquieting, desolate ambience, each track a hushed and harrowing ritual; the surface minimalism underpinned by a churning morass of sound, a layered liturgy of blackened invocations and nebulous strings hovering in the shadows. Presented in a beautiful black and silver duotone sleeve, adorned with images of micro-landscapes rendered in bone, stark images of the alien, otherworldly topography that lurks beneath the skin, emblematic of the inevitable decay and disintegration of our physical forms: the ruin we become, and the ruin we leave behind. Layout Design by Yoli at Aponeurotica.

CD Edition of 500 copies in gatefold A5 sleeve, duotone print, matt lamination. 5 Tracks. Running Time 42:32

Vinyl Edition of 300 copies. 140g black vinyl, duotone print on 350g cover and 300g innersleeve, matt lamination. 5 Tracks. Running Time 39:48 - A Cyclic Law & Sentient Ruin Co-Release.

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