MULM "The End Of Greatness" CD (40th Cycle)

MULM "The End Of Greatness" CD (40th Cycle)

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"The End of Greatness" combines the talents of 3 of Norway's most respected Ambient acts, namely Northaunt, Avsky and Taphephobia. After a few years of collaborative work, we are presented with a very special joint project, where each members brought their own approach to atmospheric sound creation into a cohesive, mesmerizing whole. Each drawing inspiration from personal experiences to present their common view of the world, these observations were instinctively translated in the form of 6 dreamy and utterly bleak ambient compositions where guitar drones merge flawlessly with abstract soundscapes, all with a distinctive northern touch. The music comes accompanied by a carefully chosen collection of monochrome photographs giving a glimpse into a seemingly depopulated world, where some are still searching yet where all seems lost.
Edition of 500 copies in gatefold textured digi sleeve with 12 pages booklet. 6 Tracks. Running Time 48:50