IURTA "Notes Towards A Mental Breakdown" CD (96th Cycle)

IURTA "Notes Towards A Mental Breakdown" CD (96th Cycle)

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Joint project of Portuguese J. A. (Wolfskin, Karnnos) and A. Coelho (Sektor 304). IURTA is a reflection upon the modern dystopia. Inspired by the works of J. G. Ballard and A. Tarkovski, IURTA’s first full length album deals with the fragmentation of identity, of a mind forged by short-circuited information processes. It is a guided descent into an abstracted insanity, a sonic diary of the verge of mental breakdown through soundscapes built upon cascading drones, harsh textures and minimal sonic oscillations. Neural dark ambient, at times punctuated by a cinematic tone exploring the limits of an inner space.
Edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel matte laminated Digipak. 9 Tracks. Running Time 66:03