SVARTSINN "Of Darkness And Re-Creation" CD (5th Cycle)

SVARTSINN "Of Darkness And Re-Creation" CD (5th Cycle)

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The second chapter from Norway's Svartsinn. Gloomy and dark soundscapes collide with sad and dark melodic compositions. A collection of stories based on heavy mind struggles, emotional complicity or elegies which either leads to emptiness or dark places for a re-creation of the self image. Darkness is all around us or inside each and every one of us,let’s not fear it.. Prosper in darkness... This enhanced CD includes a video of the previously released track “Draped In Shadows”.

First Edition of 500 copies comes in a 6 panel textured cardboard sleeve. 8 Tracks. Running time; 49:33
Second edition has completely new artwork and new mastering, it is limited to 500 copies and comes in a stylish monochrome mini LP-like cover with inner sleeve, both with silkscreened elements.