SHRINE "Somnia" CD (47th Cycle)

SHRINE "Somnia" CD (47th Cycle)

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It's with great pleasure that we present you the new album from Bulgaria's Shrine. Somnia is a complex audio metaphor that can be interpreted as an aural equivalent of a "low level" lucid dreamstate - a dream in which the dreamer is not fully aware he is dreaming but is still having the ability to control the dream. Based on processing of multiple sound sources ranging from audio synthesis, acoustic instruments and field recordings, the album explores several imaginary realities immersing you into a lucid-like experience through sound. Almost an hour long, it contains 8 thematically independent compositions representing an extended blend of ambient, acoustic music and nature sounds. Use it as a sound guide to lucid dreaming.

Edition of 600 copies in 6 panel Digipack. 8 Tracks. Running Time 53:30