HAVAN "Yajna" CD (55th Cycle)

HAVAN "Yajna" CD (55th Cycle)

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Havan (Fire Sacrifice) aims to explore spontaneous forms of aural explorations through instinctive sound manipulations, balancing improvisation with the channeling of sonic energies. Havan is also meant as a mainly collaborative endeavour and so for this first recording Frederic Arbour (VISIONS) was joined by Harlow MacFarlane (FUNERARY CALL) and Sarah Rosalina Brady (AMBER ASYLUM). The album was recorded during a live ritual in November 2012 using Analog Synths, Guitar, Gongs, Bells, Voice and Electric Violin and the result is a stirring elemental foray into the transforming powers of sound and ritual.

Edition of 600 copies in 6 panel digi sleeve. 1 Track. Running Time 29:30

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