KAMMARHEIT "Asleep And Well Hidden" CD (3rd Cycle)


CD Sold Out - Digital Album Available

After a streak of cdrs and an apperance on the Nord Ambient Alliance compilation CD, Kammarheit offers us a unique album of tortured sonic landscapes taking us on an unsetteling journey through darkened dreams. Homogeneous dark ambiences combined with serene drones and put together as a shadowy collection of dreamy, melancholic soundscapes, Kammarheit forms images of long lost ruins, barren lands and gigantic, rumbling machines. "Asleep and well hidden" was created as a tool for dreamers, a place to flee to when the outside world comes too close...

2nd Repress of 500 copies comes in original 6 panel textured cardboard sleeve, without poster. 6 Tracks. Running time; 40:31


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