IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES "Cannula Coma Legio" CD (70th Cycle)


CD Sold Out - Digital Album Available

We're honored to have legendary Swedish act IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES join the Cyclic Law family. Lead by the enigmatic Jouni Havukainen since the late 80's, he is responsible for some of the brashest and intense releases of the post industrial genre. This new release can be seen as a prequel to things to come, it contains 3 brand new tracks, in which we see ISN plunge into less bombastic terrain and delve into more obscure ambient territories. Along side these new pieces is reworked, remixed and upgraded material used in the last years as part of live performances by extreme body art performer Chérie Roi, giving new life and direction to some well known passages and lesser known tracks with the trademark ISN bombastic sound and vocals. A brand new album is also scheduled for release in late 2014, and this release serves as the perfect appetizer while we wait for the main course.

Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel Sleeve. 8 Tracks. 1:03:00

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