ARCANA "Un Passage Silencieux" Digital (59th Cycle)


Tags: Passage, arcana

Digital Release Only.

Back in 2005 Arcana's "Le Serpent Rouge" album was released, and the first 100 copies came in a special box hand made by Peter Bjärgö himself. Within that box, there was a code that promised the owners of this box a limited edition "sister" release to be publisehd at a later date. In 2011, the release finally came to life under the title "Un Passage Silencieux". A 4 song album, three newly made with oriental, arabic influences and the fourth being a remix of the track "Amber", titled "A New Amber" and now with female vocals added. Only 100 physical copies if this new album were pressed and sent to those who had purchased the box. But with time the demand for these songs just go overwhelming and so a digital only release was, it seems, a good option for those unlucky ones that missed out on the physical release. 
2 Tracks, in 4 parts. Running Time 21:30

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