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Now 6 long years after the acclaimed “Hel” album, Germany’s Nina Kernicke returns with “Chimäre”...


CD Sold Out - Digital Album Available ALLSEITS is the Solo project of the german instrumental..
The debut album of a new musical entity by Pär Boström (KAMMARHEIT) and Kenneth Hansson. An expan..


CD Sold Out - Digital Album Available After the dissolution of Psychomanteum, Apocryphos was ..
Sold out - Digital Album Avaialble Four years after the release of their last full length alb..
Boxset Sold Out - Digital Albums Available. Very few bands evoke such awe and inspiration tha..
CD SOLD OUT - Digital Album Available. For this release Peter Bjärgö has put together works s..
Digital Release Only. Back in 2005 Arcana's "Le Serpent Rouge" album was released, and the fi..
  It’s with great honor that present brand new material from Sweden’s most revered Ether..


Continuing on the foundations laid with the acclaimed 2009 album Motorsleep, AUN are further..


CD / Sold Out - Digital Album Available We’re glad to welcome back AUN to Cyclic Law for thei..
With their new full-length album "Faint" Beyond Sensory Experience are back revisiting ghosts of ..


Beyond Sensory Experience are back with their seventh full length study - Modern Day Diabolists. ..


On their third release for Cyclic Law, BSE have created an aural mirror image of underlying subst..


CD Sold Out - Digital Album Available Pär Boström, the man behind the acclaimed project KAMMA..

To commemorate our 10th year of activity, we’ve collected new and previously unreleased material..


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