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Solstice Sale

2015-06-19       19 Jun / 2015

Karjalan Sissit "...Want you Dead" and Aun "Fiat Lux" Vinyls now in stock!

2015-05-25       25 May / 2015


Vinyl versions of the above items are now finally in stock!
All pre-orders have been shipped out, thank you for your patience.
AUN "Fiat Lux" LP (76th Cycle)
KARJALAN SISSIT "...Want You Dead" LP (74th Cycle)
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Pre-Order - Funerary Call "The Mirror Reversed II" CD (77th Cycle)

2015-04-24       24 Apr / 2015

Pre-Order - Available April 28 2015.
FUNERARY CALL “The Mirror Reversed II” CD (77th Cycle)
The spectral second and final instalment of Funerary Call’s “The Mirror Reversed” tumbles deeper through the Setian tunnels, leading the way to the vast and mysterious Other Side. Continuing from where his initial movement left us, Harlow MacFarlane once again summons the tones and auras of his Qliphothic interpretation. It is a serpentine force extending from a churning black vortex lined with crystalline fetters. A dark and textured voyage through the shards of the shattered black surface that once reflected the illusory. The 46-minute meditation ebbs and flows through ambient pulsations of fear, awakening, and the unknowable. Each segmented chapter is a dynamic representation of the individual demonic forces at work, bringing us closer to the roiling waters of formlessness. The forbidden freedom of the Other Side awaits.
Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digi Sleeve. 1 Track. Running Time 46.02
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Out Now: AUN "Fiat lux" CD

2015-04-14       14 Apr / 2015

Now Available: AUN “Fiat Lux” CD (76th Cycle)

LP version will be available early May 2015

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AUN "Fiat Lux" Pre-orders and Karjalan Sissit T-Shirt

2015-04-12       12 Apr / 2015

AUN “Fiat Lux” CD/LP (76th Cycle)

We’re glad to welcome back AUN to Cyclic Law for their latest opus! AUN’s music as always suggested forays into other dimensions, be it to imaginary worlds, industrial wastelands, through space and time, or via mind altered states. From the ominous dystopian artwork, of a city being drained of its energy by some mysterious black hole, to the first notes of the title track “Fiat Lux” we are once again transported on AUN’s otherworldly travelling path. Ever since the space industrial and power electronics of AUN’s previous Cyclic Law cult release “Black Pyramid”, the world has become even more sinister, but in contrast, “Fiat Lux” exudes even more of AUN’s melancholic hopefulness. The disintegrating chords and densely textured waves, anchored by a left field industrial pulse, invoke occult drug enhanced, future psychedelia. Created in part in their Montreal studio, these tracks were extensively performed live, prior to recording, and refined while on tour breaks in Montpellier, Barcelona and Tokyo. The energy of these cities is definitely at work in these recordings, which also features a French connection of experimental heavy hitters: Witxes, Frédéric D. Oberland and Philippe Petit have helped round out Dumais and Leblanc’ arsenal. FIAT LUX: Let there be light, from light will come darkness.

CD Edition of 500 Copies. 7 Tracks. Running Time 39.00

LP Edition of 250 Copies. 7 Tracks. Running Time 39.00 - Co-Produced with La Esencia


CD Available April 14 2015
LP Available by end of April 2015


Also coming in Late April: Limited Edtiion KARJALAN SISSIT T-Shirt


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New Releases Out Now

2015-03-12       12 Mar / 2015


The KARJALAN SISSIT “…Want You Dead” (74th Cycle) CD and CS versions are now available. We expect the LP version to be ready by mid April. 
The KAMMARHEIT “Unearthed 2000-2002” (75th Cycle) 6CD Box Set/Book encountered a slight delay at the pressing plant, we now hope to have these in stock by mid April also, thank you for your patience!

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