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2017-08-23       23 Aug / 2017

IURTA "Notes Towards A Mental Breakdown" CD (96th Cycle)
Joint project of Portuguese J. A. (Wolfskin, Karnnos) and A. Coelho (Sektor 304). IURTA is a reflection upon the modern dystopia. Inspired by the works of J. G. Ballard and A. Tarkovski, IURTA’s first full length album deals with the fragmentation of identity, of a mind forged by short-circuited information processes. It is a guided descent into an abstracted insanity, a sonic diary of the verge of mental breakdown through soundscapes built upon cascading drones, harsh textures and minimal sonic oscillations. Neural dark ambient, at times punctuated by a cinematic tone exploring the limits of an inner space.
Edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel matte laminated Digipack.  9 Tracks. Running Time 66:03

TeHÔM "Live Assault" CD (95th Cycle)
Special LIVE audio recording of a unique TeHÔM performance for "The Keep Ambient Lodge" at 2016’s Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic. Recorded both through the mixing board as well as from two room microphones to capture glimpses of the live experience. TeHÔM's music recalls visions of ancient cultures, evoked by hypnotic, abstract and organic soundscapes wrapped in ritualistic and esoteric atmospheres from which a primordial flood of Chaos emerges. 
Edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel matte laminated Digipack. 1 Track. Running Time 47:32.


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SVARTSINN "Collected Obscurities" CD (93rd Cycle) Out Now!

2017-06-21       21 Jun / 2017

“Collected Obscurities” is a collection of tracks from various compilations and also gathers unique collaboration works with Northaunt, Allseits, Psychomanteum and Gydja. These were released between 2002 and 2012 and many have now been unavailable for a long time. Also included is an early alternate version of “September Dirge” from the “Elegies For The End” album. Obscure and oppressive is the world of Svartsinn, explore this special selection of some of the finest Dark Ambient soundscapes released in the past decade. Prosper In Darkness…
Edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel matte-laminated Digipak. 10 Tracks. Running Time 74:54. Co-released by Old Captain and Cyclic Law.
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VACUUM AETERNA "Project:Darkscape" CD (92nd Cycle) - Out Now

2017-05-17       17 May / 2017

Now Available:

VACUUM AETERNA "Project:Darkscape" CD (92nd Cycle)
Italy’s newcomers VACCUM AETERNA present the first instalment of their unfolding aural journey. A cryptic sonic representation of a voyage trough a fog and humidity drenched enclave of a forgotten ancient forest. An atmosphere of tribalism and mystery emanates from these pieces where ancient tales and myths linger. Deep atmospherics clash with tribal percussions and industrial noises providing an at times quiet and serene soundtrack to a fragile stillness before the lingering chaos emerges. Artwork by Dehn Sora. 
Edition of 300 copies in 4 panels Digipack. 9 Tracks. Running Time 56:21
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KRIST MORT Books Now On Sale!

2017-04-23       23 Apr / 2017

We're clearing left over stock of the amazing "Tera" Book by KRIST MORT. On sale now at 50% off!

And also a few copies are left of the KRIST MORT (Feat. LAMIA VOX) "Inlumaeh" Book/CD. On sale now at 25% Off.

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PHURPA "Gyer Ro" 2CD (91st Cycle) Out Now!

2017-04-05       05 Apr / 2017


New offering from Russia’s shamanic ritualists PHURPA. Channeling the void with their eerie and engulfing overtone ritual chants rooted in the BON tradition of Tibet, their mesmerising rituals are used as a tool of transmogrification. The chanting meditations are accentuated by the use nga drums, rolmo cymbals, gyaling oboes, as well as telescopic dunchen horns, dunkar shells and short wandun horns. Their performances are meant as exercises in aural power, channeled primordial sounds aimed to alter ones consciousness, otherworldly prayer mantras pulsating through the chakras.  This exhaustive Double album was recorded in Moscow, Russia in March 2016. Let go and touch the emptiness…
Edition of 500 Copies in Gatefold A5 sleeve. 4 Tracks on 2 CDs. Running Time 2:03:36
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PETER BJÄRGÖ “Animus Retinentia" CD (90th Cycle)

2017-03-01       01 Mar / 2017

-Out Now -

New full lenght by PETER BJÄRGÖ "Animus Retinentia" CD (90th Cycle)


3rd full length album by ARCANA / SOPHIA mastermind Peter Bjärgö. On his solo works we hear the perfect blend of his previous incarnations where dreamy piano parts, rhythmic percussions and his now trade mark acoustic guitar, all blended into perfection. Solemn vocals filled with lyrics of distress and mournfulness lull us into the nether. Filled with nostalgia and longing of a lost world, "Animus Retinentia" forms a threshold into another world where glimpses of light always shine through. A splendid follow up to his previous solo works and dare we say, his best yet. Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digipack. 11 Tracks. Running Time 45:55

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