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Pre-Orders for raison d'être "Alchymeia" CD / 2LP & T-Shirt

2018-01-10       10 Jan / 2018

We are now taking Pre-Orders for the upcoming raison d'être "Alchymeia" CD/2LP as well as a special edition T-Shirt.
We also have reduced priced CD+T-Shirt as well as 2LP+T-Shirt bundles.

Release date for all items is Januray 31 2018

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Out Now:

2017-12-21       21 Dec / 2017

SHEDIR “Falling Time“ CD (102nd Cycle)
First solo work by Italian musician Martina Betti. “Falling Time” is an aural ticket to a non place. Swirling ambient sounds made of processed field recordings converge into a richly textured and harmonically layered narrative. The tracks scan the phases of ascension to a suspended and formless destination, free from the bounds of time and space: a rite of passage. We are nowhere, a journey with no boundaries or restrictions transforming the smallness of ordinary life into transcendent magnitudes.
Building on constant cinematic tension, frictions and collisions of sounds, through which the mind is transformed, freed from daily dualities, at one with it’s psychic abilities. Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space.
Edition of 300 Copies in 4 panel Digipak. 8 Tracks. Running Time 41:34
HESYCHIA “Metanoia” CD (94th Cycle)
New project by Austrian Arthur Rosar (former member of Abigor, Walser…). The album is a meditation on freedom from all passions (apatheia) and repentance (metanoia) through fundamental concepts established by early christian mysticism (the desert fathers) with respect to zen buddhism and pre-christian European traditions. An aural guide to force the removal of all illusions and be in total awareness of the eternal now, forging a stillness of the soul, going beyond the mundane. The music is a savvy achievement of total surrender through improvised analog atmospherics and field recordings. Recorded during lent 2016 A.D. by Arthur Rosar with Erik Mayer at Bethlehem, Vienna. Artwork by Dehn Sora.
Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel Digipak. 5 Tracks. Running Time 39:56


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Arcana - 2 new titles now available.

2017-11-09       09 Nov / 2017

Now Avaialble: ARCANA “Petrichor” CD (104th Cycle) and ARCANA “The New Light” Reissue CD (105th Cycle)

Petrichor, the strong scent that emerges from earth when rain has fallen. Compiled here are songs from Arcana’s various eps and a gathering of compilation tracks, songs that may have been forgotten, gathered now for the first time as a whole. Throughout the years, the music of Arcana has morphed sonically, through various instrumentations, production techniques and most importantly it’s members. This compendium is another prime example of Arcana’s multiple facets and ethereal sound.

Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digipak with matt lamination. 12 Tracks. Running Time 59:38

Reissue of this long sold out album, with previously unreleased material and new artwork. A compendium of lost songs from the early years and alternative recordings now spanning over 22 years since the inception of Arcana. Featuring 2 new exclusive bonus material, a unique piece recorded in 2015 featuring original singer Ida Bengtsson and a cover of the song “This Big Hush” by UK band Shriekback. Hear the music evolve from it's groping first steps to the powerfull statement it has become today. Arcana really stands for all things emotionally grandiose and this compendium serves has the perfect testament to a long and refined career.

Edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digipak with matt lamination. 13 Tracks. Running Time 49:24


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SVARTSINN “Mørkets Variabler” CD Digibook/Gatefold 2LP/Digital (98th Cycle) Out now

2017-10-31       31 Oct / 2017

Out Now: SVARTSINN “Mørkets Variabler” CD Digibook/Gatefold 2LP/Digital (98th Cycle)
Comes in a unique Limited Edition Hardcover Digibook as well as a Limited Edtion Gatefold Double Vinyl.

Now 8 years since the last full length for Cyclic Law, Norway’s SVARTSINN returns with a new opus, reaffirming his place as one of the world’s premiere Dark Ambient acts. For this album Jan Roger Pettersen is accompanied on some tracks by fellow Norwegian Amund Ulvestad on Cello, providing new elements to Svartsinn’s distinct ominous drones. Mørkets Variabler translates to "Variables Of Darkness" and it is a certain combination of such variables that fuels the urges and need to create the atmospheres translating as Svartsinn. Darkness comes in various shapes and forms and through these new pieces we are plunged into this vast and singular subject, left to our senses to explore it’s subtle meanings and impressions left within ourselves. Presented in a unique Limited Edition Hardcover Digibook as well as a Limited Gatefold Double vinyl. The vinyl version includes an exclusive remix of the track “Echoes Of Silent Cries” by Sweden’s KAMMARHEIT. Artwork by Dehn Sora.
CD Digibook Edition of 500 Copies. Hardcover, 4 panels sleeve with 16 pages Booklet. 7 Tracks. Running Time 63:51
Double Vinyl Edition of 300 Copies. Gatefold Sleeve with printed Inner Sleeves on Black Vinyl. 8 Tracks. Running Time 72:00


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SVARTSINN "Elegies For The End" 2CD (26th Cycle) Repress

2017-10-25       25 Oct / 2017

We've jsut repressed the highly acclaimed SVARTSINN "Elegies For The End" 2CD (26th Cycle),
now available again in an 8 panel Digipack with matt lamination.

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Out Now:

2017-09-18       18 Sep / 2017


ALTARMANG “Void” CD (99th Cycle)

The debut album of a new musical entity by Pär Boström (KAMMARHEIT) and Kenneth Hansson. 

An expanded version of the limited edition cassette released by Hypnagoga Press in late 2016, this new version features two previously unreleased tracks and has been remastered by Frederic Arbour. ALTARMANG offers uniquely intuitive and hypnotic atmospherics through reel-to-reel tape loops and analog tonalities. All infused with herbal alchemy and ceremonial surrendering.


Edition of 500 copies in A5 Gatefold Sleeve. 4 Tracks. Running Time 50:35




SUM OF R “Orga” CD/2LP (97th Cycle)

Switzerland’s Sum Of R led by Reto Mäder (RM74) and accompanied by Fabio Costa create slow moving instrumental sonics with a sensibility for hypnotic and complex song structures. “Orga” is an immersive voyage into a shapeshifting mist of raw-boned melodies and repetitive mantras. The album is a hybrid of ritual drums and eerie percussions, atmospheric analog electronics and epic drones forming a drifting orchestral wall of sound. Darkness, light and its reflections is what emerges from this mysterious aural mist. Cover photography by Milena Kancheva.


CD Edition of 1000 copies (Co-released with Czar Of Revelations). 11 Tracks. Running Time 58:23.

2LP Edition of 500 copies. Thick 180g vinyl in Gatefold sleeve with Bonus CD. LP and Bonus CD includes 2 Extra tracks. 13 Tracks Running Time 71:44.

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