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20% off September Sale

2016-09-02       02 Sep / 2016

From September 1st to the 8th, we're offering 20% off all our titles!
Use code: september

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Arcana - 2 new titles now available.

2017-11-09       09 Nov / 2017

Now Avaialble: ARCANA “Petrichor” CD (104th Cycle) and ARCANA “The New Light” Reissue CD (105th Cycle)

Petrichor, the strong scent that emerges from earth when rain has fallen. Compiled here are songs from Arcana’s various eps and a gathering of compilation tracks, songs that may have been forgotten, gathered now for the first time as a whole. Throughout the years, the music of Arcana has morphed sonically, through various instrumentations, production techniques and most importantly it’s members. This compendium is another prime example of Arcana’s multiple facets and ethereal sound.

Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digipak with matt lamination. 12 Tracks. Running Time 59:38

Reissue of this long sold out album, with previously unreleased material and new artwork. A compendium of lost songs from the early years and alternative recordings now spanning over 22 years since the inception of Arcana. Featuring 2 new exclusive bonus material, a unique piece recorded in 2015 featuring original singer Ida Bengtsson and a cover of the song “This Big Hush” by UK band Shriekback. Hear the music evolve from it's groping first steps to the powerfull statement it has become today. Arcana really stands for all things emotionally grandiose and this compendium serves has the perfect testament to a long and refined career.

Edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digipak with matt lamination. 13 Tracks. Running Time 49:24


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AUN "Fiat Lux" Pre-orders and Karjalan Sissit T-Shirt

2015-04-12       12 Apr / 2015

AUN “Fiat Lux” CD/LP (76th Cycle)

We’re glad to welcome back AUN to Cyclic Law for their latest opus! AUN’s music as always suggested forays into other dimensions, be it to imaginary worlds, industrial wastelands, through space and time, or via mind altered states. From the ominous dystopian artwork, of a city being drained of its energy by some mysterious black hole, to the first notes of the title track “Fiat Lux” we are once again transported on AUN’s otherworldly travelling path. Ever since the space industrial and power electronics of AUN’s previous Cyclic Law cult release “Black Pyramid”, the world has become even more sinister, but in contrast, “Fiat Lux” exudes even more of AUN’s melancholic hopefulness. The disintegrating chords and densely textured waves, anchored by a left field industrial pulse, invoke occult drug enhanced, future psychedelia. Created in part in their Montreal studio, these tracks were extensively performed live, prior to recording, and refined while on tour breaks in Montpellier, Barcelona and Tokyo. The energy of these cities is definitely at work in these recordings, which also features a French connection of experimental heavy hitters: Witxes, Frédéric D. Oberland and Philippe Petit have helped round out Dumais and Leblanc’ arsenal. FIAT LUX: Let there be light, from light will come darkness.

CD Edition of 500 Copies. 7 Tracks. Running Time 39.00

LP Edition of 250 Copies. 7 Tracks. Running Time 39.00 - Co-Produced with La Esencia


CD Available April 14 2015
LP Available by end of April 2015


Also coming in Late April: Limited Edtiion KARJALAN SISSIT T-Shirt


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Cyclic Law T-Shirt & Tote Bag

2016-10-19       19 Oct / 2016

Now In stock are limited Edition Cyclic Law T-Shirts and Tote Bags

Black Ink and Black Canvas!

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DESIDERII MARGINIS "Songs Over Ruins" CD/LP (89th Cycle)

2017-01-07       07 Jan / 2017

Pre-Orders now taken for the re-issue of the long out of print debut by DESIDERII MARGINIS.
Available January 27 2017

DESIDERII MARGINIS long out of print debut album from 1997 “Songs Over Ruins” is given a proper re-issue, carefully remastered by Johan Levin himself and with new artworks as CD and limited edition LP. A landmark in the genre, with it’s desolate, minimalistic and grief stricken odes to religious and spiritual burdens. A foray through abandoned ruins and a reflection on the passing of time and the impermanence of all things physical. Outstanding in quality and production skills, this mesmerizing and foreboding journey is at times tranquil and melodic and also dives into more martial like percussive elements and industrial atmospheres. Classics like these definitely need to be discovered still and also rediscovered, and it’s with great pleasure that we make it available once again.

CD Edition of 500 Copies in 6 panels Digipack with Matt finish.
LP Edition of 250 Copies with printed inner sleeve and Matt finish cover.
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Karjalan Sissit "...Want you Dead" and Aun "Fiat Lux" Vinyls now in stock!

2015-05-25       25 May / 2015


Vinyl versions of the above items are now finally in stock!
All pre-orders have been shipped out, thank you for your patience.
AUN "Fiat Lux" LP (76th Cycle)
KARJALAN SISSIT "...Want You Dead" LP (74th Cycle)
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